What to do on holiday in Gubbio? We suggest a small trip, just an minuteshour away.

Foligno, his history and useful tips

Foligno is a very fascinating city here in Umbria. It is in a flat area on the banks of Topino River.
You can’t miss the Cathedral Square and the Repubblica Square that is an example of Umbrian architecture (XII – XIII century). It has an elongated shape and a road from every corner of the square. Here a visitor can enjoy the unique architectural ensemble consisting of the Cathedral and the Palaces: Pretorio, Orfini, Trinci.
Every year Foligno hosts the exciting “Giostra della Quintana”. It is an ancient manifestation dating back to 1158 and has its roots in the local history of the city. It is inspired by the Medieval equestrian competitions that now are two. The first one (called “sfida”, challenge) is held in June. The second one takes place in September and it is called “rivincita” (rematch). Anyway before every “Quintana” the city of Foligno will host many related events: thematic meetings, tambourines challenge and also the typical taverns that open all the days of the manifestation and serve typical Umbrian dishes.

A Dame wears her Baroque clothes during the Parade (September 2014)

The previous evening a magnificent historical parade goes through the streets of the city centre. It is characterised by an impressive richness and care of the Baroque-Style clothes. The Parade ends in Repubblica Square where the knights are qualify for the challenge and receive the bishop’s blessing. Then a draw decides on the knight’s departure order.
Foligno is only one hour from Gubbio so don’t miss it!

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