What to do on holiday in Gubbio? We suggest a small trip, just 40 minutes away.

Valtopina, known as Cerqua, lies along the River Topino valley between Foligno and Nocera. This area has been inhabited by Romans and it is mentioned in reports from X century. There are numerous traces of the Romans, for example the works for the making of the ancient Flaminian way, such as the Roman bridge at Pieve Fanonica and the Ponte Rio construction.
This territory has followed the same fate of its near municipalities. In 1282 it submitted to Assisi and in 1383 to the Trinci family from Foligno. The ruins of some important castles can still be seen, such as the Poggio Castle (the administrative seat from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the XX century) or the Gallano Castle, St Cristina, Pasano and Serra.
Among the most significant religious building there are the Churches of St Sisto and St Stefano, St Silvestro a Pasano, St Cristina, St Giovanni a Giove, St Pietro a Serra, St Cristoforo della Cerqua, St Biagio and Balciano and the ruins of Villa Postignano monastery.
This territory is also rich in natural beauty so as you can go hiking among that barren lands.

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